Logistics Made Easy

Whether you’re a transporter looking to find new clients, a vendor looking to sell materials and commodities or customer trying to source materials and commodities at competitive pricing or trying to find reliable transporters to move your goods - we’ve got the solution for you.

At PAYLOAD, we’ve made logistics easy. We’re building the future of procurement.

Just Download the app, build your profile and start earning!

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PAYLOAD lets your business evolve into the digital sphere. Easily find clients looking to source materials and submit your quote. Stop running after competition, let the business come to you!

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At PAYLOAD, you get to build your profile and find clients near you, put yourself on the map and Stop waiting, start working! We bring you the clients, you earn your due.

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You don’t need to settle for less! 1. Looking for a transporter to move your goods from Point A to Point B? We got you covered. 2. Find competitive prices for materials and commodities and have them delivered straight to Your door!

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Features of App


Easy Signup

Signup is easy and secure. Log in, create your profile and you’re ready to go.


Convenient Search

Search for clients, vendors or transporters near you and always get what you need.


Competitive Pricing

Find the most competitive prices anywhere on our platform. We guarantee that you’ll only find the best!



We connect you to the people you need to find. Streamline your procurement process and find ease of mind.


Guaranteed Services

Find something you don’t like? We’ll handle it right away! We guarantee the most affordable, convenient and hassle-free services you can find.

Why Choose PAYLOAD

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PAYLOAD lets you earn the way you want, bring in orders near you and watch your business grow.

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Clients can find the most competitive pricing by sorting through the vendors that suit them best.

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With PAYLOAD, you can choose the order you want yourself, Transporters can find the best deals in their area with ease and flexibility.

About Us

Transforming the world of Logistics

Enter a global marketplace tailored to meet your needs

We understand that a project isn't a one man job. That's why we've created the perfect platform to unite vendors, transporters and customers in a single space.

  • Find a vendor, place your order, commodities are delivered - it's that easy!
  • Find a transporter, get your goods delivered - it's that simple!

Competitive Prices, Hassle-Free Delivery, On-Demand Services - What're You Waiting For?

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